"OUTSTANDING! Loved it! Great step in the right direction for any program" 

Jeff Miller


Los Angeles, CA


"Best Decoy teaching school on the market"

Nick Sword


Yuma, AZ


"Funny, phyiscal, educational, great learning environment, good information."

Cody Brown

Castle Rock Police Department

Castle Rock, CO



“An intense and realistic training program that greatly improves your decoy ability”  

Officer Dave Stratton, CT 

CPWDA May 2015 Seminar


“School was great, I learned many skills which will allow me to improve performance & safety of other dogs in my training group.  Nice Job, Thank you”   

Officer Aaron Steere, CT

CPWDA May 2015 Seminar


“Intense focused skills.  Instructor very knowledgable one of the best K9 classes i’ve been to.”  

Officer Mike Lafond, CT

CPWDA May 2015 Seminar


“What a fantastic instructor - he has proven how you have to be physically and mentally fit to be part of the K9 world”  

Officer Felicia Figol, Newtown PD, CT.

CPWDA May 2015 Seminar



"This was a blast! Best seminar I have ever been to!  Franco is a bundle of knowledge. His program is top notch. I highly recommend anyone that will ever pick up a bite sleeve or full body suit attend his course. Be ready to take your training to the next level."

Greg Dean

Ocean City PD Seminar, May 2015 



"The safest, best, and most efficient way to learn what it means to be a Decoy"

Jesse Chavez

Ft. Benning, Ga


"I have been in the K9 business for more than 19 years and I run a local decoy seminar for DOD K9 Units.  You two showed me a different approach and style to decoying that I have never seen.  I knew a lot coming in, I know a lot more going out. GREAT COURSE"

Chris Jukubi

Kennel Master

USAF ACD., Colorado


"I have attended numerous tactical/firearms training classes and although it is completely different topic-this hands down the best training I have ever received!!! The instructors were amazing and the knowledge gained as a new officer to the k9 field was unbeatable"

Officer Matt Majkrzak

Baltimore Police Dept.


"A must have for decoys and handlers. The right amount of information and delivered in a dynamic fashion by a skilled teacher. Awesome."

Sue McLeod

Victoria, BC Police Dept.


"Excellent School. From the instructors to the way it was delivered, excllent!  Every handler needs to attend this course.  Have been a handler for 16 years and have learned more in 4 days."

CST. Murray deRuiter - OPP Canada


"This  is my 2nd time attending this class.  Both times i have learned things that I did not know.  This made th class new and fresh each time.  The definition of this class, MANDATORY"

Chad Bingham

Ft. Collins, Co. Seminar


"I feel that this course has made me a beter decoy & made me feel much more comfortable in the bite suit while decoying.  it also assisted my K9 in being much more confortable when biting the suit"

Officer Steven Escbar

Charles County, Md. Seminar


"Instructor great enthusiasm and very knowledgable-very passionate when it comes to dog training".

Jeffrey Brewer

Montgomery County Seminar


"Gave me an entirely new perspective on the imporance of the Decoy. Well done, Exceellent instruction".

Robert Pagane

Ross Township Seminar


"Hardest and Best Class I have ever taken  I can't believe everything I have learned.  Awesome Class! Awesome Instructor!"

Officer Robert DiPippa

Pittsburgh Port Authority Polce Department


"The Step by Step innstruction was professionally delivered and extremely effective in producing the final product for the quarries"

Mike Chicorelli

Victoria BC, Canada