In September 2005, after 25 years of working in military, federal, and municipal law enforcement, Franco Angelini retired.  His career as a K9 Handler and Trainer began in the US Army as a Sgt. and Military Police K9 officer in 1984.  After the military, he moved on to work for the United States Secret Service (Uniform Division) from 1986 to 1988.  Finally, after the secret service, Franco became a K9 Handler/Trainer for the Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Police Department where he retired in 2005.  In conjunction with being a K9 Handler and Police Officer for The City of Harrisburg, he also instructed at Castle's K9 Inc.  After retiring from the police force in 2005 Franco worked full-time as the lead instructor at Castle's K9 Inc.  During his tenure at the Harrisburg Police Department and Castle's K9 Inc., he was the President of the Pennsylvania Work Dog Association and a Master Trainer for the North American Working Dog Association certified in the disciplines of explosives and narcotic detection and utility work. 



In 2014 Franco Angelini moved to North Carolina to concentrate on his passion of educating handlers in the art of decoying, problem-solving, and behavior modification.  Franco has been running his decoy class since 1994 and at the conclusion of 2015, The "K9 Bite Dr." will achieve a milestone by graduating an excess of 3,800 students! He has and continues to work with private companies, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and with military/special operation units on a national and international level.  


K9 BITE DR., LLC was formed in January 2015 and is based out of Lexington, North Carolina.  Franco now concentrates all of his efforts on educating students in the art of decoying-helper work so that handlers may be able to attain their goal of becoming accomplished handlers, proficient trainers, and professional decoys.   The K9 Bite Dr. Decoy Seminars have been held nationally as far north as New Hampshire, as far south as Florida, and as far West as Hawaii, covering 29 states in-between. Internationally Franco has hosted seminars in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and England.  


This course is designed for handlers or officers, young and old, experienced or not experienced. The Decoy Seminar is specifically designed to teach decoy techniques as it applies to law enforcement and military communities.  This is not sport training!  Ground fighting, civil agitation, and frontal body grip work are the key skills emphasized and needed in training reliable working dogs. Working knowledge of animal behavior and canine communication is also needed and covered throughout the 4 Day Course.


Special Thank-You's go out to Kevin K., Joe L., Gary G., Beck L., Jeff U., and A.W. Castle for all your assistance and support over the years.